Shine FGA Manila

Today we spent the day with the youth of Shine FGA Manila preparing for the dance competition tomorrow. The dance competition will be held at at a basketball court. All 20 groups participating are non-Christians. Contestants are not allowed to dance to music with coarse language or sexual reference.

The youth at FGA Shine are a cheerful easy going bunch. Happy is one word that describes them very well.

I’d like to take this moment to share about two of Pastora Gee’s children. Their sacrifice for us during our time really set a whole new mark to going the extra mile. Ate (big sister) Gentelle, Pastora Gee’s eldest daughter, has been coming straight after work each day to spend time with us, having to wake up at 4am the next day for a 5am start, travelling two hours and 40kms (one way) to work each day (this is a norm here in Manila), and never once complaining about tiredness, but practiced grace the entire time. John David (Jet) Pastora Gee’s son has been an absolute blessing an addition to our team. He has been staying here at Dreamland with us the days that he doesn’t go to Bible College. Ensuring our travel safety and comfort. They are both real troopers.

We had a few minor bumps today but we are still in good spirits. Please do keep us in prayers that we will be protected from any spiritual attacks as we lead up to a major evangelistic event here in Manila.


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