la date d’aujourd’hui est le zero neuf jeudi deux mille onze

this year i have chosen to take up francais (as seen above) in l’universite, it’s tres difficile mais je l’amour my class. (time for some google translate)

so far i think the most helpful phrase i have learnt is “je ne comprend pas” which means i do not understand, i think its more significant than screaming “OUI OUI” at everything le professeur says, cause then she’ll start talking really fast in francais and then you’re even more lost.
maybe i should aim to end up writing a whole blog in french?

anyways second week of uni and what does it bring? tons of flu infested etudiants, most of the infectious virus subsiding in second years. and yes i have become a victim to the disastrous flu, which has left me tired and hazy, it’s a wonder how I understand anything that goes on in a lecture. But yes, the flu is a fun thing to play with, kinda like that yawning thing, it’s “addictive” and when someone yawns a chain reaction occurs? well today it was the cough chain reaction. one cough among the silence resulted in 20 people coughing one after another to break the perfect silence, i’m sure it works for sniffles too but sniffles are so silent it cannot be heard across a lecture hall, no matter how quiet the room is. but could you imagine if our sniffles were as loud as our coughs LOL, that would be a funny sight.

anyways time to learn more french and to watch the newest episode of Glee
hope you had a splendid week,

hearts, li-ming

results are in

today while half asleep i was texted by my friend that the chemistry 2 results were up on the uni website. it’s weird when results are out, everyone goes into a frenzy and as we are human, we like to keep our integrity intact. we are afraid that we’ve done bad and care about how others perceive us. some how we are intrigued on how others did more so than ourselves, cause we like to compare ourselves. it gives us a little bit of excitement and joy from within to say, i’m smarter than that guy. we love excuses, we love to blame our bad score on something, where it be sickness or house moving, we love excuses to make ourselves feel better for not achieving a higher mark. But there is one excuse that is used more than any other excuse, and that excuse is “I didn’t study” but this excuse is not just used for when we haven’t achieved a high mark but it is also when we’ve achieved a really good mark. It just makes life look effortless when we achieve a 87% with the saying ” I didn’t study” makes us look smart, makes it look flukey also makes those who got lower and studied feel worse. and maybe that our aim when it comes to results but i think the reason to why we say “i didn’t study” is because studying is a nerdy lifestyle and if we study we should have gotten a higher mark, also if we said we’ve study it looks like we have no life and we expected a high mark. Using the excuse “i didn’t study” makes us as a person feel more accomplished it feels like i’ve put in just as much work as someone who got 60% and “didn’t study” but I got 87%. I don’t think when anyone says “i didn’t study” is telling the truth, because we all have that last minute rush, you can’t help it. it occurs 1-3 days before the exam where you think you’re invincible and can achieve a whole month’s study in one night, and may i add that is why you did so bad. “i didn’t study is not an excuse. i kinda feel sorry for those people that actually do receive a mark close to a fail, because the whole of society will look and them and think … you’re stupid. ok i’m not saying we all do this but like in you head, in your brain somewhere you’ll be thinking “what a bad mark, and all they can do is laugh and make a joke out of it. at least they are strong enough to grin and bare it and even make a joke out of it.
ok since i have to go to a meeting really soon ill just wrap this up, basically the reason i’m blogging is because i got my chemistry 2 result and excitedly i will say i got 84% which is a H1, I’m so grateful and thankful to God and I did study=]

hearts, li-ming

finished summer school=]


well today I had my Chemistry 2 exam and it was mega hard! actually no it wasn’t it was easy but I wasn’t throughly prepared.. which is my fault and i accept all consequences that result from it. But yes now I must blog as the events of today resulted in a promise, and promises should not be taken so lightly.

my realisation here, is that not many people go on the fungus websites, and read blogs, but I am a true valid blogger, and therefore this blog will just add to my challenge of keeping up with all my blogs.

okay, well basically for people that don’t really know me, check the “bio” (I spent valuable minutes on that), but yes I am Li-Ming, no it’s one word and pronounced “Lee Ming”. But besides the point, I normally like to blog about random stuff that just happens in my mind, cause my mind works as a blog, many a days have I sat in a bus thinking and to myself I would say “you should blog this” but I never do…

oh yeah I might like to do a little plugging before I start today’s list of events which resulted in a blog, I have, well I have two other blog sites but so far only one has posts, cause I haven’t had time to really start the other one (summer school), but now that summer school is over I will be able to infinitely blog my life away.

The first blog is one about general stuff, you know the one to where you blog random items of the days events, portraying emotional feelings and events of that day, it can be found at

The second blog I have is one for more Christ based stuff, like scripture thoughts and stuff, cause as I see it theres no better way to let people know about Christ than to blog it so that others can read… well my non-christian friends, this is the blog that hasn’t really got anything in it cause I only made it like last week, BUT when I get it up and running I will blog the website.

introductions, and the nitty gritty, over, we shall proceed to today’s events. today started off with one 3 hour exam, but I don’t think it’s worthy of a blog so we shall skip to the post events.

I think I can speak for all (ok maybe not Shaun) but I hate making videos, when I say I hate making videos it’s more like I highly dislike hearing my voice and seeing my face on a screen talking back at me and being shown to all. But today I had to make the Fungus “new leader” video which was not only really embarrassing but took a lot of takes and a home made green screen, resulting in a pale Li-Ming. Along this journey, I found out more bout this Shaun Goh that we see on a daily basis, being proud and vain. today I learnt that his preferred sleeping arrangements were in a cardboard box next to a rubbish bin, and he loves to video himself. As we talked, I found out that Shaun loves to please his viewers on his video blog, and has 9 valid fans, and he suggested I blog, and so I promised to blog here before I sleep (sorry that it’s 1am). I think my aim in this “blogging world” is to gain more “fans” than Shaun, because I think, no I’m sure that people would rather read my random comments that see Shaun’s face on a video blog. With saying something so mean, I will balance it out by saying, I suck at making videos, and Shaun is a valid member of Fungus, without him there would be no Fungus video announcements.

some new and exciting news… let’s play spot the differences on friday, from last week to this, whoever gets it right first may get a little prize=]

until then….

hearts, li-ming

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog!