The Script

I got another lazy day today!! I must say having days off is the best thing ever… even though you don’t get to sleep in.

Last night i got to go see THE SCRIPT and they were absolutely AMAZING!! The only down fall is that I’m short and when you’re in the ‘mosh pit’ with people even slightly taller than you, you have a problem seeing everything. Although I must say I’ve endured worse the mosh pit is much more tame than Paramore (I almost died). But we had a couple guys come in after we were and they decided to stand in front a bunch of girls much shorter than them. The girls were so angry i think a fight was gonna start. LOL. I took one good photo but sadly it doesn’t have any of the guys in it. However, this is how i envisioned the camp theme.. so i give you LIGHT!


Lazy day

For once I get a day off without needing to go work! It’s not very often that I get a Monday without  work.

The last weekend that passed was a busy and long one and there wasn’t much sleeping. =) I woke up this morning and turned on the laptop to do some work and found that my laptop is BROKEN!! The screen is completely blacked out and now i have to connect my monitor to my laptop to get all my work done =.=’. *sigh*

Anyway…. I have this guy in one of my classes and he’s in my assignment group. Every week he rocks up to class in a pokemon cap.. and he’s 22! lol. But last week he came into uni with a pokemon cape like it’s no big deal. He looked at me and asked me where my cape was because it was “capril” =S. very weird..

God Will Provide

I’ve had my fair share of ‘God will provide’ moments, especially in the last few years. I have found that God has really tested my faith and from that, I have interpreted it to be something that will help me grow more as well as great testimonies for the future. I have gone through phases where everything is going great to having sudden events happen and your world is just shifted and completely changed. Usually in times like these, prayer is all I really need.

Just yesterday, my Grandma fell sick with pneumonia she was having difficulty breathing, she had a fever and was coughing. Her symptoms had come on very suddenly and she was admitted into hospital last night. After hours of prayer and getting people to pray as well, I heard that my Grandma was being sent back to the nursing home, where she is now recovering and getting better.

With everything that has happened to me the last few years, I know that having faith that God will provide for you is all you really need. Everyday I just really thank God for the things that he’s done to not only give me growth but to give me testimonies to share with you guys. =)

Final Week of Holidays


I’m making an effort to stop saying hey since I got trolled by Nick *sigh*. Anyways this week is the last week of summer holidays for most university students I’m kinda itching to go back but also dreading it. I’ve just transferred into a new course and therefore moving to a different campus. So I’m now doing Marketing in FOOTSCRAY!!! I’m gonna miss being in the City and the convenience of it all too, but I’m finally studying something I love. =)

Gotta make this next week count and pack the week with things to do before all freedom is gone.. =) I should be getting to bed soon.. early wake up call for work and 5am *sigh*.

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog!